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Feb 23, 2012 6:00pm EST
corporations talk about the role their countries are playing in the global economic recovery. >> new york governor andrew cuomo delivered his second state of the state address at the empire state plaza convention center in albany in january. the governor reviewed 2011 and released his agenda to boost new york's economy during his second year in office. he announced plans for the nation's largest convention center in new york city, a $1 billion jobs initiative for the city of buffalo plans to repair 2,000 miles of bridges and roads. his speech is about an hour. >> thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you. happy new year, new york. it is going to be a good one. 1st lt. governor bob duffy, isn't he great just listening to the lieutenant governor? he is when we started the administration, we has three call words, performance, integrity, pride that you see behind me. bob is the personification of that. he was a great, great mayor. of the sti -- city of rochester. he's been a phenomenal lieutenant governor. he's been everywhere. he's truly a superstar. our great control
Feb 28, 2012 12:00am EST
quote , you know, listen i grew up as a new york knick fan. sitting and watching michael jordan and the chicago bulls beat us every year, i mean, whenever you get tired of it after a while so i understand that kind of fatigue. >> jimmy: i got you. now -- >> not that i'm michael jordan. >> jimmy: last night you had meryl streep and michelle williams both nominated. both were in your films for best actress. how do you handle that? >> i was hoping for a tie. that would have been nice. had been ties. barbra streisand and katharine hepburn actually tied. barbra streisand for "funny girl" and lion in winter." >> jimmy: who did you vote for in that category? >> both. >> jimmy: you eliminated your own vote -- >> i get two ballots. >> jimmy: how many tickets do you get to the oscar show? >> the oscar show's like the super bowl. it's really hard to get tickets. it's all on a lottery system. yesterday, the academy did something really sweet. as a father of four daughters, there's a policeman in new york, his name is pete, he was the most decorated policeman in new york city. on his off day, on a d
Feb 18, 2012 6:00pm EST
the state of new york. and new york state archives partnership trust. it's an hour and a half. >> thank you, judge. i have a feeling if i say thank you, judge, i'll get a you're welcome from 2/3 of the audience. it's daunting. but i've never spoken to a crowd of so many attorneys in my life. there's several i want to acknowledge, my daughter meg who is an attorney is here today. my cousin new york state inspector general ellen biben is here today. my old friend judge gene nardelli is here today. and it's wonderful to see all of you. one other person i want to mention because the subject for this evening is freedom of the press as you know. there is someone in this room who is actually a living hero of the fight for freedom of the press. formally of the "new york times." i just want to introduce and i know you'll all know her and the case judith miller. i want to start with the end of the war, not the beginning. with lincoln's second inaugural address which is most famous as you all know for its closing words calling for malice toward none and charity for all. the speech was on
Feb 19, 2012 11:00am EST
was co-hosted by historical society of the courts of the state of new york and new york state archives' partnership trust. it's an hour and a half. >> i've never spoken to a crowd of so many attorneys in my entire life. there are several that i want to acknowledge. my daughter, meg, who is an attorney is here today. inspector state general ellen biben is here today. my old friend judge gene nardelli is here. we could go on forever. it's wonderful to see all of you. one other person i want to mention because the subject for this weekend is freedom of the press, as you know. someone in this room who is actually a living hero of the fight for freedom of the press. formally of "the new york times." i just want to introduce -- i know you all know her and the case, judith miller. i want to start with the end of the war, not the beginning with lincoln's second inaugural address. speech was only nine minutes long but i would venture to say that it ended so memorably that even after that brief time lapse, people had forgotten the beginning of the speech. and at the beginning of that ad
Feb 23, 2012 6:30pm EST
going to repair 2,000 miles of roads. that's from buffalo to new york city five times. we're going to finance upgrades to 90 municipal water systems, improve 48 state parks and historic sites that are visited by 47 million people per year. and hurricane irene and storm lee repair 114 flood control projects all across this state. we need power to power our economic growth. let's build an energy highway system that doesn't exist now. we have supply of power in northern new york. quebec. we have power supply in western new york. we have a tremendous need for power in downstate new york. let's connect the dots. let's connect the supply dots to the need. what eisenhower did the '50s by building an interstate system is what this energy highway can be to the next generation. if we want the state to develop and we need the jobs and we need the businesses, we're going to need the power and this is the way we're going to do it. the state can master plan a system and issue an rfp will allow private sector companies to come in to bid it and build it. we believe they will finance it over a peri
Feb 18, 2012 10:00pm EST
war and suspension of habeus corpus. this speech was delivered at the new york city bar association and was cohosted by the historical society of the courts of the state of new york and new york archives partnership trust. it's an hour and a half. [ applause ] >>> thank you, judge. i have a feeling if i say thank you, judge, i'll get a you're welcome from two-thirds of the audience. it's daunting. but i've never spoke ton a crowd of so many attorneys in my entire life. there are several that i want to acknowledge. my daughter meg who is an attorney is here today. [ applause ] >> my cousin, new york state inspector general ellen biben is here today. [ applause ] >> my old friend judge gene odelli is here today. we could go on forever. it's wonderful to see all of you. one other person i want to mention, the subject for this evening is freedom of the press as you know. there is someone in this room who is actually a living hero of the fight for freedom of the press. formerly of the "new york times." i just want to introduce and i know you'll all know her and the case, judith miller. [
Feb 24, 2012 9:00pm EST
in new york, in albany, publisher thoroughly low weed was also the president of the republican party. horace greeley aspired to the senate. and "the new york times" was founded by the speaker of our state assembly. now think about that for a minute. when i suggested at a recent book party at "the new york times," no less, that this was a bit like shelley silver owning today's "new york times," our host, arthur salzburger jr. shouted out n the back "the party is over." it's alien to our culture today. here is another. the most anti-lincoln most racist paper in new york was the daily news, no relation to today's daily news. if lincoln became president, it warned in one particularly vile article in 1860, we shall find negroes among us swarming everywhere. typical rant of the era. he was the brother of the mayor of new york city. so think about that. that's as if marjorie tiven, who is mayor bloomberg's sister and serves as the commissioner for protocol instead had beaten out jill abramson for the job of editor of "the new york times." it's totally alien to the intersection, to the relat
Feb 6, 2012 4:30am EST
today in a high-profile murder case involving two of virginia students. >> the new york giants given last rites by many in december are the super bowl champions in february. >> for the second time in four years eli manning led his team to pick a victory in the nfl's biggest game but tonight was not without controversy during the halftime show. good morning, washington. it's monday, february 6. >> i am cynne simpson. thanks for waking up with us. probably a tough start for a lot of people. traffic and weather every ten minutes. first, meteorologist adam caskey. almost a full moon. >> a beautiful morning. there will be frost on the windshield early this morning. in west virginia and western maryland and valleys out west there is a dense fog advisory. 27 degrees in frederick, 28 in hagerstown. dulles airport, 25. 30 at martinsburg. a lot of sunshine today. warmer than yesterday, rising to the impact low 50's. very pleasant. tomorrow we will start the day around freezing, rising into the mid to upper 50's by tomorrow afternoon. pretty straightforward, a lot of sunshine for the rest of th
Feb 6, 2012 4:00am EST
. >> new york will honor the giants tomorrow with a ticker tape parade for the winners of super bowl xlvi. >> oh, what a game. it came down to the very last play in a celebration. eli manning with the lombardi trophy on the home field of his brother peyton. >> tahman bradley has all the reaction from the big game. good morning. >> reporter: they did it again. the new york giants knocked off the mighty new england patriots. >> the new york giants given last rites by many in december are the super bowl champs in february. >> reporter: there's something about this giants team, they know how to beat new england. new york captured its second improbable super bowl. >> this is amazing. >> reporter: eli manning does what he does best. the quarterback engineered another fourth quarter comeback. on the winning drive, manning completed five passes, none more spectacular than this grab by mario manningham. >> what a catch by manningham! >> reporter: for giants fans, complete jubilation. >> the new york giants have just won! >> reporter: it's more than just a game. madonna performed a few of her
Feb 24, 2012 12:30am PST
thank you. >> thank you for applauding. never know. [laughter]. so, these next few pieces are jewish art songs the jewish art song is not something that most people know about even if you are into classical music. raise your hand if you know shoemoner shoebert? these songs are actually in yiddish but they are art songs. they are beautiful. and they are not done. right. soy, i hope you enjoy the next few pieces. i will describe them. the first was written by [inaudible] a song that has almost nonsentence words but it's your time to be with god and your moment alone with whatever you need. i hope you appreciate this one. [music] ♪[applause] >> thank you. so the next piece, it's beautiful. this is yiddish a beautiful song that was given to me by george rosenside who is an amazing person. and this next piece was the same composer composed in paris and called the yiddish and a great -- it's so beautiful. yiddish the wealth of my treasure much the kreet urs -- from it's yiddish. so many true, simple and core people wandering through countries and over the world where truth -- [music] ♪ [applause] this next piece is actually, this piece and the next piece going into it actually have a really nice story about it. the next piece is very, very well known by people who know yiddish folk songs. now, in this piece, this was said so it was classically it's not the same tune as most people know it. know the piece. so, it's very beautiful. it's a holocaust song. reach out your white hand to me. running over my words are tierce that want to rest in your hand the poetry is gorgeous. and in this piece, i was at a camp where we all learned yiddish. there was an old man and he sang not this piece but the regular version. this woman was working and said, who are you with this piece? nobody knew if he was a holocaust survivor. everyone was lored by this man who could get up and sing this song when he was a survivor, everybody was breaking out in tears and was amazing and the next piece i had to get up and sing. what an act to follow. i will go with the piece i was going to sing anyway. this is a gypsy song. [laughter]. free to love and -- [laughter]. i'm thinking this guy is going to walk out of the room and never like me ever again. he doesn't know me but he is going to hate me and remember me as the girl when totally ruinned the moment. [laughter]. i go and you will hear in a minute after this song and he's crying. he's like crying so much that i almost was going to stop but i didn't stop. at the end me got up and everyone was silent and he said, when i was in the concentration camp the only reason i survived is because a gypsy girl came and she would sneak me food in her apron everyday. and i was in love with her. that was the only way i got through. and he said that i looked just like her. [laughter]. worked out; right ? [laughter] think i look like this. [laughter]. and he was so inadd mirrorad with this woman when he heard me sing he was sobbing and he was hugging me. and just amazing and so i really wanted to tell you that story to put the 2 songs together for you to give you a sense of what this was like for me. [music] ♪[music] [applause] >> so now you know -- [laughter]. so this next piece actually another one of the beautiful gems that i found in new york in a yiddish archives it's been lost for so many years. i was lucky to perform it in new york for october for a big jewish audience and people fell in love with it. it's a true story and something that still exists now. this means god watches over -- this piece a girlfriend her boyfriend goes to war and she says, i was lucking to be in love for a little while. i had love and everything i could ever want and now he's off at war and i'm alone. and i don't know what will happen after this. will he kill another mother's child. will i have to live with that? god watch over my belove ed and all the mother's sons. [music] [applause] >> so, not sure how much time we have left? keep going. all right. right? all right. so the next few pieces i wanted to tell you about. one is by [inaudible] and the other is by the same composer that did [inaudible] those conductors the father of russian music. know this song is not a song that was a yiddish it was a russian song and translated to yiddish because people loved it so much when they immigrated to new york it became a favorite. this next piece the lark, is a beautiful piece about a small bird singing between the skies and it's poetic. and -- [music] ♪[applause] >> this next piece is another russian piece. it's done in many ways. we decided to turn it into something different today. [music] yesterday i was standing outside. there was a deli. a lot of people outside and i say, gosh, did [inaudible] they are in love and i'm sitting here alone trying to keep dry from the rain. they have an umbrella. what am i going to do i'm all alone xi think. may be they are not so happy. ever think of that? [music] i think to myself -- here comes [inaudible]. i think, well -- he asked me for the time. that's all he wanted was the time. i look up -- quarter to 3. he said, thanks. i knew better because i thought, next time he'll ask me something more interesting than the time. [laughter]. [applause].
Feb 28, 2012 6:30pm EST
alumnos en una escuela. >>> situaciÓn peligrosa. >>> en new york existe todo un mercado de documentos falsos que convierten a un mÍniindocumentan un residente aparentemente legal. >>> vamosivisiounivn vernotio us autoridades para combatirlo ivis finales del aÑoision@@noticieron univision@@noticiero univisionÚ social y todo tipo de documentos falso en menos de una hora (inaudible) funcionan? >>> claro que sÍ. >>> mejor dicho es igual que el legal. >>> es el epicentro de la costa oeste donde una tarjeta de seguro social puede hacerse con su nombre, o Él que sea por 60 dÓlares, por un pasaporte, norteamericano por 250 y tambiÉn hay re bajportero noticias uniÓn bajas y consejos. >>>univ bueno ahora (inaudible) este senador, presentÓ una propuesta de ley para igualar las castigos a vendedores y fabricantes. >>> ahora si uno tiene un documento falso le van a dar entre 5 a 20 aÑos, pero si uno dis tribundistribuye hay unao ud mÁxima de 40 aÑos. >>> este hombre@@noticiero univ documentos en new york. >>> la demanda por documentos falsos es new york, tanto asÍ que las autoridades
Feb 20, 2012 4:00am PST
of homs yesterday. opposition ak tiss say 14 people were killed. >>> john mccain tells the new york times he's in favor of arming the syrian opposition forces. speaking from afghanistan, mccain said i believe there are ways to get weapons to the opposition without direct united states involvement. the iranians and the russians are providing bashar assad with weapons. people that are being massacred deserve to have the ability to defend themselves. mccain said the u.s. could work through "third world countries" to arm opposition forces. >>> and a prison rye not mexico killed 44 inmates. dozens of family members stormed the gates trying to get information on the victims. the riot started yesterday. at a jailhouse near monterrey. between two rival drug cartels and covered a prison break. the director and the guards on duty have been detained. >>> take a quick break. a snowy tale of survival. plus nypd undercover. new questions over a far-reaching surveillance program aimed at fighting terrorism. this is the "cbs morning news." tingter rim. this is the "cbs morning news." . experience light a
Feb 3, 2012 12:48am PST
[applause] >> so now you know -- [laughter]. so this next piece actually another one of the beautiful gems that i found in new york in a yiddish archives it's been lost for so many years. i was lucky to perform it in new york for october for a big jewish audience and people fell in love with it. it's a true story and something that still exists now. this means god watches over -- this piece a girlfriend her boyfriend goes to war and she says, i was lucking to be in love for a little while. i had love and everything i could ever want and now he's off at war and i'm alone. and i don't know what will happen after this. will he kill another mother's child. will i have to live with that? god watch over my belove ed and all the mother's sons. [music] [applause] >> so, not sure how much time we have left? keep going. all right. right? all right. so the next few pieces i wanted to tell you about. one is by [inaudible] and the other is by the same composer that did [inaudible] those conductors the father of russian music. know this song is not a song that was a yiddish it was a russian song and translated to yiddish because people loved it so much when they immigrated to new york it became a favorite. this next piece the lark, is a beautiful piece about a small bird singing between the skies and it's poetic. and -- [music] ♪[applause] >> this next piece is another russian piece. it's done in many ways. we decided to turn it into something different today. [music] yesterday i was standing outside. there was a deli. a lot of people outside and i say, gosh, did [inaudible] they are in love and i'm sitting here alone trying to keep dry from the rain. they have an umbrella. what am i going to do i'm all alone xi think. may be they are not so happy. ever think of that? [music] i think to myself -- here comes [inaudible]. i think, well -- he asked me for the time. that's all he wanted was the time. i look up -- quarter to 3. he said, thanks. i knew better because i thought, next time he'll ask me something more interesting than the time. [laughter]. [applause]. okay. so, we have 2 more songs for you this evening. this second to last song is a beautiful song. it kind of is a folk song people know. probably when you hear it you know it if you heard yiddish songs before. it's talking about a little girl, don't say a word. the god of abham will come. not yet, you have to respect there is not 3 stars in the sky means the jewish is that bot will apeer. wait a minute and it's a beautiful song i hope you will enjoy. ♪[applause] well, thank you so much for being a fabulous audience. i hate to say goodbye but i must. come to the jewish music festival. there are appetizers and there are amazing evening planned for you. come and be a part of it learn about yiddish. if this interested you at all come and learn more. there is so much richness no matter if you are jewish or know yiddish. there is so much to learn and enjoy. i hope you enjoyed. i want to give a thanks to john. [applause] [inaudible]. [applause] and i want to quickly say i have some cd's down dollar. one more song. one more song. thank you. so, i wanted to say really quick i have cd's if you want to purchase them. [laughter]. [laughter] wow! i never gotten so -- um -- so, thank you. anyways i have cd's if you are interested i have cards and bios and cd's please, sign up. i usually perform. come out. the last song so put your hands together and clap or i will be angry. thank you, again. [music] ♪[applause] >> thank you. [applause] all right. you guys want to -- so, there is a little song that some people know that you have seen before. a little song by a kind of food, right. and none of us like it if you had it or we tolerate it because we have to. i happen to be allergic, lucky for me! but now i sing this song because that's all i can do. put your hands together again. [music] ♪[laughter] >> a little too much. [laughter] [music] [laughter] [music] [laughter] [music] [laughter] ♪[applause] >> thank you. on the same page is our monthly actually bimonthly book club that the library sponsors. this month, march, the book of the month is the samari gardens. how many are you have read this book in >> that's fabulous and gale is blushing in front of me. it's my pleasure to introduce gale. gale was born and raised in san francisco. her
Feb 8, 2012 4:30am EST
into question. >> want to congratulate senator santorum, wish him the very best. we'll keep campaigning down the road but i expect to become our nominee with your help. >> reporter: now he they had to maine where ron paul hopes to stage his comeback on saturday. the texas congressman is the only candidate without a win. still he celebrated a strong second place showing in minnesota. >> when the dust settles, i think there's a very good chance we're going to have the maximum number of delegates coming out of minnesota. >> reporter: newt gingrich stayed out of sight at the -- as the results were announced. he's focused on winning big on super tuesday next month. he'll spend a second straight day campaigning in ohio where early voting is ready under way. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >>> 76 delegates from colorado and minnesota were up for grabs but will be assigned at a later date. the missouri primary not binding and no delegates will be awarded based on tuesday's results. >>> the c.i.a. will continue to maintain a large presence in afghanistan and iraq long after u.s. troops leave both countries. an article in "the washington post" says it's part of a plan by the obama administration to help protect american interests in the region. >> the two c.i.a. offices in kabul, afghanistan and baghdad, iraq are expected to be the largest offices for the agency outside the united states. the article also says c.i.a. officers in both countries are going to work to reduce the influences of al qaeda and the taliban in the region. >>> in district news d.c. mayor vincent gray delivered his state of the district address last night. he applauded the city's recent population growth and touched on the city's strengthening economy and lower unemployment rates. the mayor said the nation's capital is making progress in education reform. >> i plan to -- my plan on building one city focuses on three priorities. creating a new economy for the district that is growing and diversified. two, ensuring that district residents are prepared for the jobs of the new economy. and three, improving the quality of life for all. >> mayor gray said emergency response times in the city have improved and their plans to hire even more police officers -- there are plans to hire even more police officers in the future. >>> surveillance video is usually used to catch criminals in the act. this time it got two prince george's county police officers in trouble instead. their arrest of a suspect is caught on camera. >> we have more on the two different versions of what happened five days ago during an arrest on rhode island avenue in brentwood. >> reporter: the story began around 9:30 friday night when two prince george's county police officers approached 19- year-old ryan dorm, a young man whom the officers said they suspected was about to rob a gas station on rhode island avenue. according to the officers, while struggling with dorm, one of the officer's guns went off. no one was hit. dorm was promptly arrested and accused of trying to grab the officer's gun. some residents of this brentwood neighborhood say something about the story just never added up. >> it just didn't make sense. >> reporter: the police department's new inspector general now apparently agrees. >> we have an internal investigation. >> reporter: after watching surveillance video of the incident, the police department has suspended the two officers involved. one of whom is a 13-year veteran of the department and referred the matter to the state's attorney's office which could charge the officers criminally. sources tell 9news that the surveillance video shows that the officer's gun went off not during a struggle with the suspect as the officers claimed. >> we had questions about that. >> reporter: but while one of the officers was hitting the suspect in the head with the gun after tackling him from behind. >> did not hit the police officer. >> reporter: this man who asked not to be identified says he knows ryan dorm and that dorm, a convicted felon, was targeted by police for no apparent reason. >> they say he ran. that's all he did was ran. that is no reason to get shot at. >> reporter: late yesterday the prince george's county state attorney's office dropped all charges against ryan dorm. >>> police are trying to determine if two people found shot to death just blocks apart are connected. christopher donald smith was found dead about 10:45 monday night in new carrollton. the ambulance crew handling the smith case spotted another victim less than a mile away. 23-year-old edward thompson, jr. prince george's county police believe he was gunned down while riding a bicycle. >>> opening statements could begin as early as today in the yeardley love murder trial but first prosecutors and defense attorneys must cut 13 more people from the jury pool. when they're finished they'll have 12 jurors and three alternates. former uva student george huguely is charged with murdering his ex- girlfriendyardley love in 2001. >>> a self-proclaimed historian and art correct will pleaded guilty in his role of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in historical documents and art. last year police seized treasures from his home. many of the documents came from the maryland historical society. the entire plot was exposed when a historical society employee spotted the accomplice james sabadoth stealing some of the documents. sabadoth pleaded get to the heist last year. >>> a high official at the komen charity has resigned following the organization's funding of planned parenthood. sources sekomen's vice president for public policy was the driving force behind excluding planned parenthood from komen grants. she wrote, i'm deeply disappointed and my involvement in it. i openly acknowledge my role in the matter and continue to believe our decision was the best one for komen's future and the women we serve. >>> 4:36. here's some of the other stories making news. supporters of california's same- sex marriage ban or vowing to bring their fight to the supreme court. they want justices to overturn a federal appeals court ruling tuesday declaring the ban also known as proposition 8 unconstitutional. despite this decision, no new same-sex marriages will be allowed in california until the legal battle plays out. >>> pennsylvania state prosecutors are asking that jerry sandusky be kept indoors as part of his bail condition. they say they've received complaints the former penn state assistant football coach has been watching children in the school yard from his back porch. a lawyer for sandusky calls the charges totally unfounded. he's currently under house arrest while awaiting trial on 52 child sex abuse charges. >>> a huge crowd greeted the giants. they received the symbolic keys to the city. the giants of course beat my new england patriots 21-17. congrats giants on super bowl xlvi on sunday. >> the owner said they put an end to the brady bunch once again. >>> our time 4:37. at 4:42, donald trump is coming to d.c. or at leeps the name is. >>> -- at least the name is. >>> 50 lawmakers in virginia prepare to vote on the tim tebow bill. >> what's that? >> we'll explain. >>> we're back with your weather first. you're watching 9 news now. >>> 4:39. 38 degrees. we're looking at snow developing later this morning. out west midday to the afternoon here in the metro. and south and east a rain-snow mix as temperatures fall in the mid-30s. winter weather advisories go in effect in just a few hours. not a big storm. i'm detail the timing and how much we'll get in about five minutes. monika is in with time saver traffic. >>> thank you so much. we're going to take a live look at a serious accident right now on new york avenue here at florida avenue. it's been here for almost four hours and the detour is set up in place. i think it's going to be a long, long time before they can open this up. in the meantime you need to choose alternate routes inbound new york avenue. use bladensburg road or rhode island avenue as your thte situation all morning long. back to you. >> thank you, monika. >>> 4:40, time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> i'm looking forward to this update because i didn't see money news yesterday. >> let's make some money. it's all about greece. upbeat news about greece gave wall street a little tiny shot in the arm yesterday. as for today, we're going to get a look at mortgage rates and of course continue to watch the situation. in greece. checking the numbers if wall street the dow stands at 12,878. it added 33 points in trading yesterday. nasdaq was up by 2. s&p 500 did even better, up by almost 3. >>> more than 148 million americans are nearly -- are nearly half of the country received some sort of government assistance check in 2010. that's according to annal sis of 2010 census data by george washington university. the federal government sent a record $2 trillion to individuals in fiscal 2010. that is a 75% jump from a decade earlier. 26% of americans lived in households where someone received medicaid. 15% received food stamps. 16% of people lived in households collecting social security and 15% received medicare benefits. >>> donald trump coming to d.c. the federal government selected the real estate mogul to redevelop the old post office pa villion. trump will convert the building into a hotel with restaurants, a spa and conference facilities. the old post office was built in 1899 to house the u.s. postal -- post office headquarters. today the building holds the food court, a few shops. they cater to tourists. the general services administration says trump will preserve the building's historic features. >> it's a gorgeous building, especially the facade. so that will be nice. >> it's not going to be called trump's u.s. post office? he pupts his name on everything -- puts his name on everything. >> i'm not a fan of donald trump in terms of his financial stuff but i will say his recent redevelopment projects have been beautiful. they're not sort of the trump of old. gold leaf and so forth. they tend to be more modern and upscale. it will be interesting to see what he does. >> that's cool. >> thank you. >>> how do you get your baby to sleep all the way through the night? it's a question every new parent is asking. >> coming up, we'll show you one possible answer. we're back in two minutes with your weather first. whatcha lookin' for hon? ah, these new jeans i want. i've been looking everywhere. new blue jeans? oh, don't be crazy, i've got tons of blue jeans. frank! frank! get my jean bin, susie wants my jeans. no she doesn't. here we go. nice and loose. ohhh. those are loose, but i actually just ordered three pairs of this kind. ooooohhhh. oh. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. >>> good morning. welcome back to 9news now. this is the day howard calls interesting for his forecast. tell us more about the snow and how much we're going to get or not. >> we have a clipper coming. most of us are going to see some snow today but it's kind of warm. temperatures in the upper 30s. road surface temperatures yesterday were in the 60s, even near 70 under the sunshine even though air temps were in the 50s. so we have warm surfaces. that means to me a lot of the snow that falls is going to melt on the road but may accumulate a little bit on the grassy surfaces. let's get things started. we do have winter weather advisory going in effect later this morning north and west of d.c. this will include the entire shenandoah valley and parts of northern virginia. loudoun county, montgomery, frederick, carroll. this goes into effect later this morning through the evening hours for a little bit of snow. we'll talk about that in a moment. the bus stop forecast, mostly cloudy, chilly this morning. temperatures in the 30s. some areas have actually dipped into the upper 20s but about 30 for the low spots. sunrise 7:08. no problems this morning. the day planner, we've got clouds. 38 at 8:00. noon 38. a mix of some rain and snow. most of the precip at noon will still be north and west of d.c. by the middle of the afternoon, here comes the snow. 37. 37 and snow, it's melting on the road surfaces. as we get into the evening hours, we'll still be looking at snow at 8:00 p.m. maybe 36 in town. north and west especially after dark, that's when we could run into a couple of those slick spots. we're looking at snow and rain across parts of west virginia. i-79 as it marches to the east. this gives you a timetable. still going to be several more hours before we have to deal with it out west. temperatures in luray and hagerstown, winchester freezing or below. it's down to 30 if gaithersburg. 34 culpeper. down south we have mid-30s at the pacs naval air station -- pacs naval air station. visibilities are fine. temperatures running at 38 at national. feels like 36 with a light northeast wind at 3 miles an hour. bigger picture, want to show you the storm system. coming through the ohio valley with rain in southern kentucky and tennessee. snow north of take, especially as you head to indiana and ohio. a couple of hours in the darkinger blue, mod -- darker blue, moderate snow. for us we'll put everything in motion. cloudy through 9:00. a little bit of snow into garrett county. toward noon i still think we're okay. we may start to see some flurries. you have to go west of 81 to really see some of that snow. as we head toward 3:00, north and west of town we should be seeing snow. this is why the weather services put the weather advisory in effect north and west of us. we get into the snow for the evening commute but remember, temperatures should be above freezing. so i think the roads are wet. sure, people are going to freak out a little bit with some snow flakes out there. it will slow you down, even with wet roads. tonight 9:00 still some light snow to the north. that will be winding down to flurries by midnight. want to quickly show you my accumulation map before we get to the forecast. just a trace to maybe an inch in the immediate metro. the inch part will be north and west of gaithersburg and maybe toward sterling. one or two possible upper montgomery and loudoun counties. maybe 2 to 4 in the mountains. the forecast today, we've got the afternoon rain-snow mix. north and west a little snow. 40 for the high this morning. tomorrow upper 40s. watch out for a few slick spots tonight. friday 50 degrees. then we turn cold this weekend. maybe a few flurries on saturday. it's 4:48. 4:49. monika, over to you. >>> 4:49 means there's been an ongoing investigation at the scene of a serious overnight accident for four hours now. you're looking at it live from our camera crew on new york avenue at florida avenue in northeast. if you're planning to head on to new york avenue, i think this closure is going to remain in place for some time with the accident investigation and cleanup. serious injuries involved in this one with a tractor-trailer and two vehicles involved in the accident. i'm going to take you over to a map so i can give you some perspective of where it is and what you can do. on the inbound side of new york avenue, the closure i believe is between 4th street and florida avenue northeast. so you can take the brentwood parkway but i suggest you go ahead and take bladensburg road to the south of the accident or montana avenue to rhode island avenue to the north of the accident and avoid it all together. as i said, it's already been there for four hours and it's going to be there for a while longer with serious injuries involved as well. we'll take you over to another map. on the inbound side of braddock road inside the beltway, that is shut down basically between ravensworth and backlick road with a pole down. we're being told by authorities that take closure may remain in place till about 7:00 this morning. so if you're heading inbound on braddock road, you can go ahead and exit to the beltway but i suggest you go ahead and use route 236 to the north of this incident instead and avoid braddock road if you can this morning. we'll take you to a live picture. if you're planning to head inbound on i-66, that is doing okay. a close-up shot of nutley street where all lanes are open. i'm keep you posted on both of those situations once again at 4:55. mike and andrea? >> thank you, monika. >>> it is 4:50 now. today the virginia statehouse will vote on something called the tim tebow bill. if approved, it would give home schooled kids in the state a chance to play high school sports. it's named after the denver broncos quarterback tim tebow because he was home schooled and he was able to play football at a public high school in florida. >>> cheap airline seats will not increase your risk of dangerous blood clots. the american college of chest physicians reviewed a research on deep vain thrombosis. it -- vein thrombosis. it subjects it doesn't matter how much room you have. it's crucial you get up and walk around. >>> many parents of infants and toddlers know all about sleepless nights. >> we have a few new parents in our newsroom so they know specifically. randall pinkston shows us where some parents are now turning to get a good night's rest. >> reporter: for the first time 4-month-old lance is going to sleep without his parents rocking or swaddling him. these new parents want him on a sleep schedule because kristin is heading back to work. >> getting up in the middle of the night is really what gets to me. >> reporter: they hired a group of sleep professionals. >> you're going to come over to the crib. >> reporter: dream team baby comes into the home and helps infants and toddlers learn to fall asleep on their own and soothe themselves back to sleep during the night. consultants organize a daytime napping and feeding schedule so a child will be sleepy at bedtime and not hungry during the night. they also create the right sleep environment. >> what we want to do is have him bond with one fairnts sleep toy. we always -- one favorite sleep toy. >> reporter: there's lots of crying but he's asleep within 12 minutes. >> cry it out is a method parents use that soon tears are going to teach your baby. that is not what we're doing here. we're going to teach the parent how to interact with him, how to know if something is wrong so that they can go in. >> reporter: he gets up a few more times but gets himself to sleep again. >> alex and i just tried not to cry and let him kind of work it out and he fell back to sleep. >> reporter: one week later, everyone is sleeping through the night. >> he did it. >> reporter: randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. >> a week? that got my attention. >> really. >> sleep training is not recommended for babies under 4 months old. parents should always talk to the pediatrician before they start something like this. >>> it is 4:53. and time for the question of the morning. >> super bowl weekend is the slowest weekend in america for one of these things. is it a, movie ticket sales, b, weddings, or c, retail shopping. what do you think? >> log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page. leave your response. we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour. >>> david crossway earn add bachelors and master's degree in engineering by 19 ten, something many african- americans didn't have a chance to do at that time. crossway spent most of his entire career in heating and air conditioning improving systems that made life easier for us today. his most famous job was designing the heating system for radio city music hall and rockefeller center in new york. crossway owe rostwahl holds 39 patents. log on to for moments in black history. >>> 4:56. we're cloudy this morning. some snow is on the way. we'll see it north and west midday and here early afternoon pushing toward the metro. temperatures slowly falling to the mid-30s by 6:00. looks like roads in the metro will stay just wet. more details coming up during 9news now at 5:00. monika samtani is in and all sorts of trouble at 5:00 a.m. >>> we have a live picture of one of the trouble spots. on new york avenue a tractor- trailer and two vehicles involved inbound new york avenue. it's shut down. use bladensburg road or montana avenue instead. i'll have more details at 5:00. >>> madonna's planning to pack more stadiums. >> chris brown is making a grammys comebac
Feb 16, 2012 4:00pm EST
that's it from me. i'll see you tomorrow. maria has your second hour of the "closing bell." >> it is 4:00 on wall street. do you know where your money is? hi, everybody, welcome back to the "closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo, coming to you today live from the second market trading floor in new york city. coming up in the program, i'm getting the outlook for the private stock market when i speak to the founder and ceo barry silbert. we've got green arrows across the board as things close on wall street at 4:00. the market rallying sharply today after another batch of economic data that was enkoicoue encouraging. put all three major averages on pace to close higher for the week. an exclusive interview with terry duffy. we'll get his outlook for the exchange consolidation. also find out how getting a profitable and making money in the exchange has changed over the years. take a look how we finished the day on wall street. that was about 1%, 12,904, on volume of really anemic, under 800 million shares traded at the big board. nasdaq, the winner on the year, on the day as well. 1.5% higher, up about 13% in 2012. s&p 500 up 15 points today, better than 1%. settling out at 1358. let's get you to the man on the floor of the nyse, bob pisani. >> what an interesting day. let's put up the dow chart, because we closed essentially at the highs for the day. we're getting close to the dow at 13,000. my point about it, it's a little more rarified of 10,000. only in 2007 and 2008 did we cross it a number of times. here's your headlines. take a look. it was a fairly quiet day until about 11:30 eastern time. that's when we got reports that the ecb would reportedly agree to swap their greek bonds for new bonds. the ecb has stayed out of this whole greek discussion. that's why it took the markets a little bit by surprise. the bottom line is that the ecb actions, if correct, have increased the chances of an overall greek deal next week. that includes the private deal that is still being negotiated, the psi. dow, highest level since may of 2008. take a look at the euro, remember, we talked about the euro. the euro had strengthened recently. bad day yesterday. here you see it moving up throughout the day, ending near the highs today, closing over $1.31. same situation with materials. that was the leadership group up until a few days ago. notably weak in the last few days. you can see today that was a big mover on the upside. that got a lot of people interested. transports the same thing, down nearly 4% in the last five, six trading sessions. big comeback today. again, a lot of people watching that. finally, the biggest one of all, apple. 50 million shares traded yesterday, changing hands yesterday. 35 million today. apple moving up nearly 1%. big day here, maria. back to you. >> really was, bob. thank you so much. nice to see a bit of a breakout in the market. oil prices also rallied today. that tops the business headlines at this hour. light sweet crude oil up by another 51 cents a barrel, settling at $102.31 a barrel on crude oil. encouraging data on the u.s. labor and housing market. putting pressure on gold, meanwhile, for much of the day. gold reversed losses after the u.s. dollar weakened. gold off 30 cents today to settle at just over $1,728 an ounce on gold. the new york fire department says a crane at the world trade center construction site dropped a load of metal beams, which damaged a construction vehicle. luckily no one was in the truck, and no serious injuries were reported. >>> the dow and nasdaq surging to multi-year highs today after jobless claims fell to nearly a four-year low, optimism about the debt crisis in europe. our next guest said the rally can't continue. in fact they're expecting a 2% to 4% increase in the dow jones industrial average in the next one to two months. joining me is a chief market strategist. gentlemen, nice to have you on the program. thang so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> thank you, maria. >> madeem, this is your prediction about the s&p 500 going higher in the next one two to months. how much higher and what's behind this optimism for stocks? >> it's always difficult to predict short term. in the short term, you have a number of positives. for example, recently weakening of the dollar gives you a little bit more confidence of the achievability of earnings. some of the positive economic signs from u.s. and china should be enough to offset some of the worries about europe. and finally, you're still at a level where the dividend yield on the stocks is greater than a ten-year treasury yield. it does draw investors toward equities. in the absence of negative news, the natural path tends to be a bit higher. >> do you not worry that if we were to see greece default, if we were to see any kind of hiccup in europe, that does impact europe? >> again, to the extent greece defaults and it doesn't brief contagion and cause severe liquidity problems for the german banks, i don't believe it will be a big enough event. at this point, i don't think a greek default would be a fundamental serious issue for the market. >> okay. that's a good point. james, let me get your take on things. how are you investing in this environment? >> we think the market moves a little higher. we're particularly enthusiastic about the domestic equities and emerging market equities. maybe a little more cautious regarding international developed equities at the time. we think all the safe stuff is fairly expensive. call it bonds. call it a lot of other safe type of investments. we're enthusiastic about domestic equities at this time and feel like the equity market is between 1400 and 1450 on the s&p this year. so we think stocks remain cheap and attractive. >> and the leadership groups that you want to own, if in fact we were to see this market go higher, as you predict? where do you want to be exposed? >> we like tech. we think tech is still inexpensive. dividend possibilities do exist in many of the names there. the growth prospects are really very good. balance sheets are great. financials look inexpensive to us, with a catalyst probably beyond the may stress test, as well as valuation gaap closes. dividend yield, goebel growth characteristics there. >> vadeem, let me ask your take on the other sort of catalysts for this market. m & a action, do you think we'll see deal flow pickup? is that going to be a catalyst for stock? >> i believe so. economically it would make a lot of sense. with the organic growth being reasonably slow and a lot of companies attractively valued, so the m & a activity becomes accretive, i think it makes sense. it's whether companies have enough confidence to make the bid and the counterparty willing to accept it. the financing availability is improving. the targets are very attractive. and the deals make sense in the context of reasonably slow organic growth. >> gentlemen, great conversation. we appreciate your time tonight. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> james, vadeem, we'll see you soon. >>> barry silbert, find out why facebook upcoming ipo will trade. explaining what was behind the technical glitch that would cause oil trading to crash on monday. then jackie joins us with all the after the bell hours action. >> lots of companies reporting after the bell, including communications and retail. we'll have the latest from realtime central after the break. >>> from the nasdaq market site, i'm seema mody. the norm in 2012, today getting a boost from economic data that came out this morning. take a note of the old school tech names, reaching historic highs. microsoft as mentioned before hit a four-year high this afternoon. dell has the tenth biggest impact on the nasdaq 100. cisco hitting a 52-week high. money definitely flowing into the big tech names. our biggest winner here on the nasdaq 100, that was net app posting strong gains after beating street expectations. >> seema, thank you so much. welcome back to the special edition of the "closing bell" coming to you live from the trading floor of second market. second market provides a trading platform for alternative investments like private companies. and fixed income instruments. the company recorded nearly $9 billion in trades last year. with more than 85,000 participants buying and selling these private companies. the biggest name traded on this platform, of course, has been facebook. it's about to go public. how does the second market keep the momentum going. joining me our host for the day, founder and ceo of second market, barry silbert. we love being here. we were talking in the break, what success you've had in the last year. 55% increase in transactions, compared to 2010. private stock transactions hitting $1 billion. where does this go, and what do you a tribute this surge to in the last year? >> what is really exciting is over the past couple of years, the private company market became a real asset class. it was proven that, one, companies want it, and two, there's investor demand. if you think of the private companies that exist out there, not just the community banks that we launched today, thousands and thousands of private companies can benefit from the marketplace. >> let me ask you about that. the community banks program, the platform that you're launching today, how do you come up with the next tier of companies that you're going to make a market in? >> it really comes down to demand from either the issuer, the company, or investors. so we're responding to the fact that there are a lot of investors that want to get involved in these really exciting community banks that are good businesses, some pay dividends, then the banks themselves, they also want to have a liquid equity. it's the same thing in the venture-backed communities, facebook, twitter, all these companies, all the best companies are now creating an opportunity for investors to buy and sell before they go public. and that's never happened before. >> look at the facebook story, who wouldn't want to trade facebook when the valuation was a lot lower than it is right now, $100 billion. let me ask you this, what kinds of companies are we -- should we expect in the next couple of years that will be private companies traded here at second market? i know you've got community banks. you made a great point a minute ago, there are like 5,000 private community banks out there. >> we're actually letting the crowd decide which of the companies we should create markets in. when they come to second market they can indicate the types of companies and specific companies they want to invest in. we're using that data to make a decision about what are the companies we're going to focus on. it will include lots of great technology fast growing companies, including more established private companies, and subsidiaries of con glom rats. we're trying to enable access to the companies. >> some people might say, look, if the stock is publicly traded, traded at a major exchange, ni know what the rules are. do you have the same kind of transparency? >> we're regulated by the s.e.c. and fnra. the rules are written many, many years ago, a lot of them updated right now to make this a more robust market. ultimately it comes down to trust and transparency. we require every company that trades on second market to disclose financials to the buyers and sellers. we think it's really important for this market to succeed. >> i'll ask you about the legislation crafted in washington in a second. but first let me get to facebook. they're valuing it at $100 billion. pac as the company prepares to go public, how does that impact what's happening here? because you've been trading facebook for how long now? >> three years. >> three years, and you're doing weekly auctions. >> weekly auctions. and other ipos, we've stopped right before the company actually did their public offering. >> are you expecting that to dry up when it goes public? >> we're already working with a whole slew of the next, maybe not the facebooks, but certainly fast growing exciting technology companies. if you think about the fact that there's 3,000 companies that get funded by venture each year, but only 50 go public. we're talking about 2,000, 3,000 companies that could also benefit from liquidity like facebook did. >> so what are the legislation, making their way through congress right now, that will increase capital to businesses? that would have a huge impact on your business. >> it would. there are great effort that the president put forward making it easier for young companies to access capital and go public. bipartisan support on a lot of these bills, we're hoping that things start getting done. because there's a lot of momentum, a lot of support around, again, whether it's crowd funding for small businesses, increase in the cap of shareholders a private company can have before they go public, and an effort around making an ipo on-ramp to make companies get access. >> with dodd/frank, volcker rule, has that impacted liquidity from your standpoint? >> capital flows where the opportunities are. second market is always going to be a place where investors find unique investment opportunities. whether it's securities or bankruptcy claims, they can come to get the best price. >> we appreciate your being here. >> thank you. >> ceo and founder second market. nordstrom, one of the companies making big moves in the after-hours trading session. jackie is looking at all the action after the close. >> let's start with dva. $1.56 versus an expectation of $1.49. the operating income guidance for 2012 still expected to be in the same range as $1.2 billion to $1.3 billion. we're at $88 up, up $2.50 right now. 3% in the after-hours session. nordstrom's, came in at $1.11. beat by 2 cents. the revenues were in line at $3.17 billion. management in the release said nordstrom's fourth quarter performance was consistent with the strong trends the company experienced through 2011. while continuing to make significant investments in the business to evolve with customers, and to enhance the platform for sustainable profitable growth, still this one down in the after-hours session. last, but not least, leap wireless, loss of $1.10 a share. better than expected. the revenue came in, and there was a miss there, $7.67.4 million. also, the company said total 2011 net customers $4 a growth year over year. the company taking the cricket brand nationwide. down about .2%. back over to you. >> jackie, thank you. the dow, nasdaq at multi-year highs tonight. is the top starting to form in this market or is it justified? breaking down the charts on the stocks coming up. we take a break, take a look at the highlights from our guests all day today on cnbc. >>> what's driving the stock market up here in recent months is sort of reversing an overreaction to last year. we got ourselves convinced that the u.s. was headed to a recession and that europe was going to blow up and take the world economy down. i think both were an overreaction. >> nonetheless, it looks like there's no way really for europe to avoid the fact that the problem with the debt crisis, with the greek debt crisis is going to continue to weigh on the economy going forward. >> a lot of dollars are going to be going towards gasoline this summer. a lot of dollars taken out of the economy in general. >> the qe-1 and qe-2 put more reserves in the system, liquefied the banking system. that money is finally trickling down to house holds. >>> you're watching a special edition of the "closing bell," live from the second market trading floor in new york city. and now, maria bartiromo. >>> welcome back. well, here we are coming to you live from the second market trading floor in new york city. it's been a strong start for the year for the major averages certainly. the nasdaq up 13% in 2012. the dow industrials up 5%, just year-to-date. despite the gains, my next guest is turning cautious over the near term. he joins us now with an inside look at what the charts are telling him. jordan, take it away. you suggested to buy energy technology in the banks back in january. nice call. but you've got short-term concerns. >> yeah, two things at work here, maria. bigger picture, we're still bullish for the year. into march and april we want to be cautious. let's start off with a lot of people talking about the january effect. we want to talk about the february effect, which is if you have a good january, how does the rest of the year do from february to december by taking january out of the equation, so it doesn't skew the market. in 57 s&p years, what you see is when you have a january that's up over 2%, you have a very strong skew for the year of approximately 12% to 13% from february to december. so the strong january leads to strength in february to december. that's still a good sign bigger picture. i think from a statistical point of view, we think that's important. >> i guess you really also have to look at the fundamentals to try to figure out if in fact people are going to look at these valuations and think, well, is it keeping up with reality in terms of the fundamental story. but let me look at your second chart here, jordan. you're looking at india and africa. why are you highlighting these two? >> there are lies in statistics. just the presidential cycles, you can't trade or manage risk on there, but you have global breadth, maria. 30% decline last year, we've now broken to the top side. you've got markets like the jfc and south africa at all-time highs. you've got the global breadth behind you. that's what gives traction to the top side. all global markets are starting to rally together. valuations are important, but remember, the markets in september and october lead the dow by three to five months. the data should continue to improve. >> all right. jordan, good stuff. we'll be watching those markets. thank you so much. we're talking about the exchange business next. does the cme go on the hunt for acquisitions? we'll talk withing terry duffy about business today, in his industry. that's an exclusive coming up. then, how a new wave of technology startups in new york city helps silicon valley. stay with us. >>> welcome back. pob pisani do you know on the floor of the new york stock exchange. earnings keep coming in, including retailer nordstrom's, just came in. looks like they beat on the bottom line, but they're giving guidance very much on the conservative side. i have $3.59 for analyst estimates. i think that is the reason you're seeing the strok trade down a little bit in the after-hours. a nice rally today, just the groups you want to see rallying, material stocks, technology and industrials. that all happened around 11:30 eastern time as the ecb reportedly agreed to swap the greek bonds for new bonds. elsewhere, the euro, materials, transports, and apple all doing well today. more on the greek debt talks, at tradertalk.krshs maria, back to you. >> bob, thank you so much. breaking news in the auto industry. phil lebeau on the phone with the details. >> maria, we learned chrysler has withdrawn its application to the department of energy for a loan of approximately $3.5 billion. that is a loan that who go towards the development and ultimately the manufacturing of a next-generation vehicle, a more fuel-efficient vehicle. many of these loans are used for hybrid technology or electric vehicles. chrysler had been in negotiations with the department of energy, and for some time sergio marchon indicated it was not a slam dunk that they would take out the $3.5 billion loan. today chrysler decided, you know what, given the political environment, given the restrictions that the department of energy would put on those loans, we're going to go ahead and take a pass on taking out that $3.5 billion loan. chrysler, once again, withdrawing its application with the department of energy for a loan totaling approximately $3.5 billion. maria? >> all right. thank you so much, phil le bebe on the breaking news with chrysler. it definitely was among the ropes that the market was stronger today, jobless claims down by 13,000 last week. now to a seasonally adjusted 348,000, the lowest level in nearly four years. any level below 350,000 is considered critical for sustained strength in the jobs market. lower food and energy expenses last month. the core ppi jumped .4%. carl icon
Feb 14, 2012 12:00pm PST
>> rose: welcome to our program. we begin this evening with the commissioner of the new york police department, ray kelly. >> so if you talk about legacy, this city has come so far from what we were faced with on january 1st of 2002. it is much safer. the feeling of safety is there, our department, police department is much more diverse. we have add add tremendous amount of technology andxd capability. i would submit to you that, and i have been around the department a long type, that our relationship with the many, many communities in new york, the most diverse in any world are better now than they have ever been. >> rose: we conclude this evening with the appreciation of whitney houston, who died in los angeles at age 48, joining me, can dab yen snim of billboard and jon pareles of "the new york times". >> when you heard her sing you went over there to turn up the volume, when her song came on the radio you stay in the car after you park until she finished. i mean, all you have to do is look at the star-spangled banner, super bowl 25, i have never seen that sung more nonchalantly,
Feb 14, 2012 5:30am EST
show. first though, let's get to the news. live at 5:30 a.m. at 30 rock in new york city. president obama's budget proposal will likely never see a vote on capitol hill but it sets the stage for a fight that divided washington for years, including last year. the $3.8 trillion spending plan outlines the president's, including investments on education and infrastructure. we're calling on wealthier americans to share more of the burden. >> right now, we're scheduled to spend nearly $1 trillion more on what was intended to be a temporary tax cut for the wealthiest 2% of americans. do we want to keep the tax cuts for wealthiest americans or keep investing in everything else? education, clean energy, a strong military, care for our veterans. we can't do both. we can't afford it. some people go around and say, well, president is engaging in class warfare. that's not class warfare. that's common sense. [ applause ] that's common sense. >> the president's plan includes $4 trillion in deficit cuts over the next ten years. most coming by way of new tax revenue and savings from the wars in iraq
Feb 14, 2012 2:30am PST
the plan. you'll be surprised to know the new york times disagrees wi as. right writing president obama's 2013 budget was greeted with republican catcalls that it's simply a campaign document. but election year budgets are supposed to explain priorities to voters. this one offers a clear and welcome contrast to the slashing austerity. congress were not dysfunctional if it cared more about economic stabilization and scoring political points it would sign on to a budget like this. that's the view from the new york times. from the other side, the wall street journal called obama's federal budget a "brilliant bit of miss direction" titled the amazing obama budget. it reads in part, all voters need to do is spend disbelief for another nine months and ignore the first four years. the political reality of budgeting is that voters should only believe what they can see, which is what politicians are proposing now. promises of cuts are a mirage. mr. obama needs to point to the mirage because his fist record is the worst in modern american history. two sides of the debate. the new york times
Feb 5, 2012 8:30am PST
how to showcase the artwork of all latinos. with us today, the director of new york city's el museo del barrio, julian zugazagoitia. i'm maria hinojosa, this is one on one. julian zugazagoitia, nice to have you here as the director of el museo del barrio, from new york city. >> thank you for your invitation. >> hinojosa: so you are born in mexico city, then you spend about 20 years living in europe, and then in 1999, you come to new york to work at the guggenheim, and then you're named to head up this museum called el museo del barrio. >> correct. >> hinoja: so el meo del barrio started kind of as a puerto rican institution, very grass roots, very community-based... >> correct. >> hinojosa: ...and it's had to change its mission. >> we've had to more than change it. we have amplified its mission, so over the course of the last 40 years-- and it's... we're celebrating our 40th anniversary with a big expansion of el museo, a big renovation of el museo. and over the 40 years, what has changed is also the profile of the us as perhaps the most diverse latino country. >> hinojosa: becse ba
Feb 27, 2012 3:30am PST
perform in the presence in upstate new york for the holiday. it was not a big political thing. it was a holiday. we were just going to go and sing sing christmas carols, do some rap songs, whether we could do to cheer up the brothers that were locked up. we started to do it over and over again. it was only 10 years later and that we began to see ways to use that in a more pro-active way. we would come out of a nightclub in new york city, my brother, my cousin, and i. we had had some experience with the police harassing us on the streets. this particular night, somebody had gotten into a fight, we were probably the only black folks in a white neighborhood the party that they were at, they were playing salsa, marvin gaye, and we were hanging out after the birthday party. we got caught up in a situation where the police had been called for shots fired. we happened to be the only black people there, they got us and put us in jail. that was the first day that you mentioned. the long and short of it is, i was in my second year of law school at the time. i am reading all these things about cri
Feb 18, 2012 9:00am EST
concept gets a $1,000 prize and a trip to new york city, where you'll work with a professional director and crew to turn your vision into a reality. for more information and an entry form, go to... light as ai. your mood and your makeup. makeup like you've never seen before. new revlon® photoready airbrush™ mousse make up. unique air-infused mousse formula blends easily for a smooth, poreless, airbrushed finish. >> it's rich in history and host to more than half-a-million visitors each day. kristen gives us an insider's tour of one of new york's most magnificent landmarks. [ loudspeaker chatter ] >> welcome to grand central terminal, the busiest train station in the country. >> grand central was built because there was a new technology in the mid-1800s, which was trains. [ train whistle blows ] and it was rapidly replacing the earlier modes of transportation. in order to understand theation. importance of grand central, you have to understand the importance of the railroads to the united states and to the world at that time. before the railroads came along, the only way to get across
Feb 15, 2012 4:30am EST
voters. a new cbs new york times poll shows mr. obama's overall approval rating reached 50%. that's the highest since may of 2010. there are signs of economic optimism. 75% say the economy is in bad shape, 34% say it's getting better. in november that number was just 18%. >>> the poll also shows president obama leading all of the republican candidates in the november election matchups. in the race for the gop nomination, rick santorum is now in the lead. the former pennsylvania senator pulled ahead of mitt romney thanks in large part to voters who want a candidate who represents their values. santorum us popularity grew last week when he went on the offensive against president obama. santorum attacked a white house mandate that faith-based institutions provide employees free access to birth control. in an interview with an evangelical blog last october, santorum called contraceptives dangerous and does not support any government policy that supports contraception or abortion. >> one of the things i will talk about, that the president has talked about before, i think the dangers of c
Feb 22, 2012 5:00pm PST
abortions it's dr. seuss and girl scouts! coming up. >> yet another layer to the new york city police department conviction that it has a right to target muslims not only in new york but adjoining states. first, born the staff announceer john pardo on the job since 1944, and still live, afounding before turning 94 years old. his famous announcement, his fake announcement that says weekend update is brought to you by pussy whip, the dessert topping for cats. time marchs on. we begin as we always do with bridges peopling up. there goes the the explosion. inconnecting ohio and virginia, it had fall no one a state of disrepair. now if you need to travel it,. >> adele has now won the mastercard british card album of the year. they didn't allow her enough time to make a speech. >> i'm so so proud to be here and i'm so proud to be in the room with all of you. >> i can't believe i'm about to cut you off. >> i'm so sorry. >> do not cut me off. i'll say you goodbye. >> hey, it's mia. albums sold, 7.3 million. flipping off the people who gave you the mastercard of the year award that didn't allo
Feb 8, 2012 1:00am PST
hour to talk to about it. >>> plus, new york city speaker christine quinn is here on the day the new york giants get their we won the super bowl particularer taip parade, i don't want to hear about it rob, i'm getting teased all day. >>> iraq veterans are looking at the parade and asking why we can do this for football but not mark the end of the iraq war and welcome home the troops. so far michael bloomberg says no to that idea but the other most powerful person in new york besides mayor bloomberg is christine quinn, she says she is for this idea. christine quinn will be joining us tonight. that is all coming up over the course of the hour. >>> but first, as ed mentioned, it is elect shun night again in america. sort of. bringing you results as they come t from the republican presidential primary in missouri, and from the republican presidential caucuses in minnesota and in colorado. at this hour, polls have closed >> conservatism is alive and well in missouri and minnesota. your votes today were not just heard loud and wide across the state of missouri and minnesota, but they were
Feb 8, 2012 12:00am EST
civil rights day dmourts. plus new york city's council speaker christine kwan is going to be here on the day the new york giants got the ticker tape parade. iraq veterans ask why we do this football and not to mark the enof the iraq war. so far michael bloomberg says no to the idea of the parade, but the most powerful person in new york politics is christine quinn, and she says yes to the idea. that's all ahead. it is midnight on the east coast. it's been a very big night for of all people rick santorum, seriously. rick santorum is at the moment going for a clean sweep, trying for a clean sweep of the three states where republicans with going tonight. he's going for the hat trick, and he's almost there. here are the latest results at this hour. in the great state of missouri nbc news has projected rick santorum is the winner of that state's nonbinding republican presidential primary. that's the good news for rick santorum there. he won missouri. winning missouri tonight is roughly meaningless because newt gingrich was not on the ballot. you see uncommitted there in fourth place. also
Feb 8, 2012 4:30am EST
out at that scene. also if you're traveling in the district on new york avenue, new york avenue is shut down at this time at florida avenue in both directions. inbound as well as outbound because of the serious accident as well as an investigation. tracee wilkins is en route to this accident to also check things out. and i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. back to you both. >> thank you very much. >>> breaking news in pakistan. intelligence officials there say u.s. drone missiles killed nine people overnight. the drone fired at a house in north waziristan near the afghan border. the tribal area is dominated by a prominent militant commander focused on fighting foreign troops in afghanistan. authorities have not identified those dead, but pakistan's security officials and tribal sources say the dead included foreign fighters. >>> opening statements are expected today in the high-profile murder trial involving two former university of virginia lacrosse players. george huguely is charged with killing his ex-girlfriend, yeardley love, in may of 2010. the chevy chase native
Feb 18, 2012 7:00pm EST
wesly, as a preeminent jurist, before that he'd been a member of our court, the new york court of appeals, a supervising judge in the state, the justice of the apell appellate division in new york and a graduate of cornell and hailing from livingston county, lavonia, actually. and when you're from hemloch, lovonia is the big apple. i got to know him before the new york court of appeals building was reconfigured. at the time we were the new kids on the block and on the third floor and the big shots, the important judges, the other five were on the second floor. we were up there on the third floor and i got to know him pretty well. and not only was he a great judge, saged, wise, hard-working, scholarly, but he left me with one thing i'll share with you that has resinated with me for a long, long time. every once in a while he'd say this maybe once a year or twice a year as we were going around the table, each of us giving our impression of a particular case, giving our input, seeing whether we agree and how the court breaks down and so forth. and once in a while it would sort of hes
FOX News
Feb 20, 2012 2:00pm PST
in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: our top story today, rick santorum's controversial comments about president obama and theology. mr. santorum is getting heat after he said this. >> this is what the president said. it's not about you. it's not about you. it's not about your quality of life. it's not about your job. it's about some phony ideal, some phony theology. oh, not a theology, but a different theology. >> some people thought it was questioning the president's christianity. so santorum clarified remarks. >> i was talking about the radical environmentalists. that's why i was talking about energy. the idea that man is not, is here to serve the earth. as opposed to husband that resources and be good steward of the earth. i think that is a phony ideal. i don't believe that is what we're here to do. >> kimberly: did he cross the line? did he need to clarify it? >> dana: he thought he needed to clarify it. he did a fine job. it's much ado about nothing. there has been this, there has been not enough news apparently for into look at. you don't think so? >
Feb 6, 2012 12:00pm CST
game that went down to the wire. new york giants in new england patriots in super bowl 46. the new york giants went 21-17win 21-17 and the new york giants become the first team to win the super bowl with less than 10 regular-season wins. new york giant fans celebrated the team's victory in times square and the parade will be held tomorrow. >> coming up next to the husband of a missing utah mother says fire to his home killing himself and his two children. what the two boys were starting to say about their mother's disappearance before they died. >> the united states closed its embassy in damascus said due to escalating violence. >> and a former ward white house intern claims she was the teenage mistress of john f. kennedy. [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. president obama says it is possible and important to resolve the conflict in syria
Feb 27, 2012 5:00pm PST
call markos. >> good evening. >> not only has the new york police department been profiling law abiding muslims in the muslims in the city, wherever you are your tax dollars helped pay for it by a special white house grant. the ever uglier details next. >>detremined to find solutions. >>that partnership in order to invest in our country is critical. >>driven to find the truth. groove back? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct. i look at her, and i just want to give her everything. yeah you -- you know, everything can cost upwards of...[ whistles ] i did not want to think about that. relax, relax, relax. look at me, look at me. three words, dad -- e-trade financial consultants. so i can just go talk to 'em? just walk right in and talk to 'em. dude those guys are pros. they'll hook you up with a solid plan. they'll -- wa-- wa-- wait a minute. bobby? bobby! what are you doing, man? i'm speed dating! [ male announcer ] get investing advice for your family at e-trade. planned parenthood. anna talked to a conservative and it got a little contentious. drama, when we return
Feb 18, 2012 10:30pm EST
outraged by the landingham case. new york democrats held a very famous mass meeting in albany and condemned the president. defending his actions against what he brabd branded by an effort by insurgents, he loved that word, to destroy the union, the constitution and the law all together whether on the battlefield or on the news room, lincoln rejected the idea of a government as he put it "restrained by the same constitution and law from arresting their progress." their sympathizers, he said, per satellite and radared all departments of the government and nearly all community of the people. undercover of liberty of speech, liberty of the press and habeus corpus they hoped to keep on foot among us a most efficient corps of spies, informers, suppliers, aiders and abetters of their cause in 1,000 ways. to lincoln, these disloyal editors were akin to spies and informers. in re-rebuttal, it was called a monstrous hairsy, subversive of liberty and law, and quite intending to the establishment of des pottism. lincoln replied "no further." but a few days later when the chicago times, a demo
Feb 15, 2012 4:00am PST
-- how things are supposed to be. >> the latest cbs news new york times poll shows that 61% of those asked believe religious employers should be required to cover contraception and catholics support the federal birth control mandate at the same rate as all-americans. >>> the state of virginia is on the verge of granting a law for personalized rights to fertilize eggs. the rights of persons apply the moment eggs and sperm unite. it's one of the strict he's anti-abortion laws in years. it's likely to pass the senate and virginia's governor says he will sign it. >>> in syria today, government forces kept up their bombardment of the city of homs rebel stronghold has gone on for nearly two weeks reportedly killing more than 400 people. video posted online shows smoke rising from a sunni muslim the attacks and a botched bombing in thailand yesterday. david martin has our report. >> a foot soldier in the covert war lay covered in soot and blood. it was the violent end of a botched terrorist operation in bangkok. it began with an explosion in this house which was apparently a bomb factory. t
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